Spotting Asbestos in Your Home During DIY

Case Study: Asbestos Survey, Removal & Demolition in Ferndown
May 13, 2020
Case Study: Asbestos Tile Clean in Fordingbridge, Hampshire
May 14, 2020
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During this unprecedented time we have noticed that a lot of DIY has been going on!

Here are a few tips on how to stay safe and how to spot asbestos whilst carrying out these refurbishment jobs in your home.

1: If you are not going to have an Asbestos Survey carried out you can buy a sample kit for any suspect Materials.

2: If you are uncertain of a material then leave it alone and seek our advice for free.

3: Take a look at some of our photos and see if any of your building products look the same.

4: Look on the internet for other building products that contain asbestos.

Again we would like to warn you of the dangers of asbestos in your own home. There are over a 1000 different building materials that asbestos was used in, here is a small list of some items that you may come across:

1: Asbestos Toilet Cistern

2: Asbestos Floor Tiles, Asbestos Paper Backed Vinyl

3: Asbestos Ceilings (Artex or Textured Coating)

4: Asbestos Sink Pad (The black pad located directly under the bowl)

5: Asbestos Cement Ceilings.

6: Asbestos Insulation Board Ceilings (Normally located in garages)

7: Asbestos Corrugated Roof Sheets (Again normally located on sheds & garages)

8: Asbestos Soffits

9: Asbestos Slate Tiles (Dont get confused for non asbestos slate tiles)

There are many more different items of asbestos that can be found in your home, so feel free to give us a call and we can help you with anything that you are uncertain with.