Case Study: Asbestos Removals at Thruxton Airport, Hampshire

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February 6, 2019
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May 13, 2020
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Breeze recently carried out a 2 month project of asbestos removal at Thruxton airport in Hampshire. This project included the removal of two existing Nissan Huts with asbestos corrugated roof sheets.

It also required us to carry out asbestos contaminated land remediation to the surrounding woodland. The client was unaware of the amount of asbestos waste that they had in the woodland due to it being over grown and also that this asbestos had been fly tipped.

This posed two problems for the client; firstly the unknowing amount of asbestos present, and secondly, the uncertainty of issuing an asbestos removal company without knowing exactly how much it would cost.

We came up with a solution for this project and and the client was very pleased with the end results.