Case Study: Asbestos Tile Clean in Fordingbridge, Hampshire

Working Safely In Your Home During Lockdown
May 14, 2020
Case Study: Asbestos Roof Removal in Downton, Salisbury, Wiltshire.
May 14, 2020
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We recently carried out a very tedious and methodical job. We were instructed by the Salvation Army Society to help renew and bring some extra life into their property in Fordingbridge.

This project came with a few challenges, firstly the location. This property is situated on the high street in Fordingbridge, Hampshire. There is a public footpath that runs right along the front of the property. We had to consider the public whilst we carried out this job, so we put a some extra control measures in.

Secondly the Asbestos Roof Tiles were very fragile and if we were not careful whilst we carried out the cleaning of the Asbestos Roof Tiles we would cause more damage to them.

The team on this project quickly figured out what tool was best to clean the Asbestos Roof Tiles. After 3 weeks working tirelessly they completed this project.

The client was extremely happy with the outcome and have used us since to carry out other projects for them.