Case Study: Asbestos Removals & Demolition of Unit in New Milton

Asbestos Services Feedback from Clients
August 6, 2020
RAMS Board
September 15, 2020
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This week, we have in fact started three of these projects for one of our most valuable clients.

We found asbestos in two of their mobile homes after we carried out Demolition Surveys for them.

But they have given us the go ahead to remove the asbestos identified and demolish all three units.

The unit in the picture is from the New Milton site and the other two units are in Surrey. Each unit should take us five working days from start to finish to completely demolish back to the slab for the client.

We do not use any big machinery on these projects as the surrounding areas are very tight and if you did use machinery you would block access for other residents.

It is always advisable to have a Asbestos Survey before you carry out any works on mobile homes as you would be very surprised on the amount of asbestos we find in them.