Virus Cleaning Experts

Virus Cleaning Service

  • Nationwide – 24/7 Call Out

  • Fully Licensed Waste Carriers

  • All Staff Face Fitted & Trained in PPE/RPE Personal Protective Equipment/Respiratory Protective Equipment)

  • All Staff Fully Trained in Decontamination & Sealing off Areas

  • Staff Medical Records Supplied

  • Fully Insured

Virus Containment Cleaning Procedures

The type of contamination you have will always determine the procedures and working methods of the clean.

Speed is of the essence on every project we do, the faster you react the faster we can safely evaluate the contamination and contaminated areas.

The area of contamination will be isolated and sealed from the general public/staff.
A Respiratory working zone will be set up using warning tapes, signs and 1000 guage polythene. Clinical waste will be removed and disposed of from the area before the clean starts.

NPU (Negative Pressure Units) will be used in the area, Public Health England say that a single air change is estimated to remove 63% of airborne contaminants and similarly with each air change . After 5 air changes, less than 1% of the original airborne contamination is thought to remain.

A medical grade disinfectant will be used in the area to completely eliminate the bacteria.
Following Public Health England Guidelines the solution will be at a minimum strength of 1,000ppm available chlorine.

All equipment used in the process will be treated as clinical waste and will be disposed of in accordance to legislation. All waste transfer notes will be supplied to the client after the project.

Once the area has been thoroughly cleaned and signed off by our trained staff the working zone will be dismantled and treated as clinical waste and disposed of.

Breeze Environmental will endeavour to act as fast as we can on each environmental clean we carry out. Photographic evidence will be available and clients can even have a live stream to the area.