Case Study: Asbestos Managment Surveys Carried Out On Properties

Case Study: Asbestos Environmental Clean, Salisbury Wiltshire.
May 28, 2020
Case Study: Asbestos Survey at Danebury Racing Stables, Hampshire.
June 2, 2020
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It feels a long time ago since we carried out these surveys on behalf of South East Reserves Forces and Cadet Associations. In fact it was one of the most challenging project we have carried out to date.

It was the amount of properties that were spread over an area of about 500 square miles. It was also very challenging to locate all the keys for these properties and make contact with all the staff that hold these keys.

There was only a handful of these properties that we did not have issues with accessing due to incorrect keys issued by the client or even nobody turning up on the arranged date.

But saying this we told our surveyor’s that communication was key, (No Pun intended) Our surveyors were the reason this project got completed on time and that they were issued with new Asbestos Management Surveys for each individual property.

We also had feedback from the surveyors and the client that we had located more Asbestos in our Surveys then surveys they had previously carried out by another Asbestos Surveying company back in 2005.